Monday, November 7, 2016

Oscar, the Rescuer

Editor's Comment: This is the first in our series of SVPP Adopter's Stories about how their adopted pet came into their family and changed their lives. We encourage all of our adopters to share their stories with us by contacting us at

Oscar and Family

Oscar, the Rescuer

By: Ann Fitzgerald

I saw a picture of Oscar on our neighborhood website and thought, he will be adopted quicklyAfter losing our beloved Doberman to cardiomyopathy, I didn’t feel ready to open up my heart. I kept seeing posts for Oscar and my heart lurched and my interest piqued, but the timing didn’t feel right. One morning I saw the post: "Oscar Needs a Home ASAP!" There was an adorable picture of Oscar smiling and my heart burst open. I thought, I have to meet this dog!

Oscar's smile

After having breakfast with a friend who had met Oscar, my feelings were confirmed. She had wanted to adopt him, but her dog wouldn’t accept him. This was Oscar’s story time after time. After falling in love, families couldn't adopt due to moving or other animals' issues. Oscar was found as a stray over a year ago and brought to a shelter. Although he was a favorite of the shelter staff and volunteers, he became kennel-stressed and was at risk to be euthanized. 

The amazing volunteers at Silicon Valley Pet Project got him into foster care. Noticing his knee was giving him trouble, they got him the surgery he needed and nursed him back to health. Oscar remained sweet and lovable, charming all who crossed his path. He had several foster homes and each one wanted to adopt him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him. This was hard on Oscar, but volunteers continued to work tirelessly to find him a forever home. Canine Specialties even helped out. While not a permanent place, the staff there became part of the growing Oscar Fan Club.

Filling out an application to meet Oscar, I texted my husband, “Stop me if you think I’m crazy.” He replied, “Go for it!” We met Oscar the next day. He was so sweet and gentle– I dubbed him “Zen Dog”. We were so touched by his story and how through years of adversity he remained loving and oh so sweet. We decided to have him meet our daughter the next day. We showed her a picture of Oscar and told her his situation. She took one look at that face and exclaimed, “He’s adorable!”

Oscar with Ann's daughter, Jakobe

Oscar watches Jakobe as she sings (click image for video)

Oscar came the next day, and never left! The joy I see in my husband and daughter’s faces is the best gift ever. This last year has been too quiet and with busy schedules can be hard to get family time. Oscar knew how to work his magic: coming into our lives, helping us to open up to the love only a four-legged furry friend can provide, and to reconnect us as a family. We couldn’t have found a better match for our family! Our pack will be complete when our son comes home from college for the holidays.
Oscar and Ann
Oscar has personally helped me too. I’ve been battling high blood pressure since our Doberman
became sick. In the short time Oscar has been with us, my pressure has lowered significantly.
Maybe it’s the walks? But I was walking before– who rescued who? It’s all in your perspective.