Monday, August 26, 2019

Picture This...SVPP's Dynamic Mother and Son Duo!

Nancy Hong and her son, Ryan, are the talented team and dynamic duo who are shooting heartwarming photos for SVPP.  These sweet and compelling images of our rescue pets are helping us find their forever homes. We interviewed Nancy about how she and Ryan became photographers and how they became part of SVPP's life-saving efforts.

When and why did you start photography?  
In 2003, I got my first camera.  I started taking pictures of everything and signed up for a photography class a few months after that.  The instructor allowed me to join despite not having a film camera! I joined a local photography club and also volunteered as a photographer for an animal rescue. When friends started growing their families, I got my feet wet in newborn photography.  Then, because of work life and family balance, photography then took a back seat for a while.

How and when did Ryan become interested in photography?  
In January of this year.  We were at the Oakland Zoo. I had my DSLR camera with me and he asked if he could take pictures, too.  Taking his first pictures of the giraffes got him excited, and he ended up taking pictures of almost every animal he saw at there. After that, he started taking pictures of our friend's two cats whenever we visited. We visited a friend who has 12 pets, including rabbits and parrots and we had fun photographing them together.  That friend suggested that we volunteer for a rescue organization as photographers.

How did you and Ryan join up with SVPP?
The suggestion of volunteering as photographers sounded like a great idea.  It was a way for me to get back into photography and contribute to a good cause at the same time. Ryan could take as many or as few pictures as he wanted and I would fill in the rest. He was happy at the thought of getting to see dogs and cats, since we don't have pets of our own.  I searched around and found SVPP. Working with SVPP has helped further Ryan's interest in photography. We started volunteering for SVPP in March. Since then, the quality of his photos has really grown. He's excited each time we go to an event.

What do you strive for when photographing rescue animals?
I think ultimately to show what beautiful animals they are. 

How do you think this has positively impacted your relationship with him?
It's been wonderful to be able to share something I enjoy with my son.  We spend a lot of time together outside of work and school, but it's great for both of us to do something we enjoy together and knowing we're also helping a good cause.

6. Do the two of you have one favorite SVPP photograph? 
We both like this one: Kitten Photo.  Ryan took this.  He says it's his favorite because it shows how cute and cuddly the kitten was and both the person and kitten are so relaxed and comfortable.  I love the lighting, the angle and the colors. 

Want to see more of Nancy and Ryan's beautiful photography? Follow them on Instagram: nancy.hong11 and ryan_loi_photography.

You can find more information about joining our amazing team of volunteers here.