Friday, March 15, 2019

Meet Our Newest Pup Plaza Dog Blogger, Pipsqueak

Pipsqueak beaming and waiting for
her forever family!
It’s amazing what some medical care and TLC can do for a homeless pet. In our newest Dog Blog on the Pup Plaza website, Pipsqueak will tell you all about it! Pipsqueak is our first featured guest contributor and we hope this canine influencer inspires future blog posts from her four-legged friends.

Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP) rescued Pipsqueak from the San Jose Animal Care Center after the shelter reached out to SVPP for help. This dog had been surrendered to the shelter due to a hoarding situation and had complex medical issues that needed to be addressed. Thanks to community support, donations, a loving foster parent, and tremendous veterinary attention, SVPP was able to provide Pipsqueak with the three surgeries she needed to be adoptable and to thrive. She now is healthy and happy and ready for her forever home. See her debut video below:

Pipsqueak and her loving foster
parent, Angie.
This bubbly little five-pound Chihuahua literally bounces around with joy. She loves good walks and a warm cuddle, dances for her dinner, and (unlike me) loves her fresh vegetables.

We are working to find her forever family…and hope that it might be you! If you are interested in more information, please email and consider completing an adoption application here.