Monday, June 27, 2022

Shooting Up a Flare with an Urgent Call for Help

Usually, our calls for help are specifically for SVPP – donations or dollars, fostering – you probably know the drill, and we thank you for that!

But today, we are shooting up a flare for our friends at the San Jose Animal Care Center.  As you may know, we partner with SJACC and rescue from them the at-risk cats and dogs that need extra medical care and TLC.  A glance at the SJACC Facebook page demonstrates great and urgent need.  We are asking our animal-loving community to help – and help quickly.

Young and adorable Tuttle (ID#A1234369) needs to find his forever home quickly! He is about 1 year 8 months old and a neutered male, merle-red Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Australian Cattle Dog. He has been at the shelter since Oct 12, 2021.

First and foremost, the shelter is full.  They need these beautiful and homeless pets to be adopted and finally be with their forever families.  If you are looking for a feline or canine companion, please consider adopting from this shelter!  The June 8, 2022 posting says that all dog and cat adoptions are free – but go to the Facebook page for any updates.  They are welcoming in-person visits and adoptions Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Next on the list for community action: the shelter is tremendously short of specific supplies.  They are requesting newspapers, towels, hand towels and blankets…no sheets, pillows, pillow cases, comforters (or anything with feathers).  These items can be donated during normal business hours at the shelter.

Last but not least, they need volunteers! If you or any member of your family has time to pitch in, please consider signing up to be a Pet Pal with SJCC.  Pets in the shelter need attention, love, socializing, care and comfort until they are adopted.  You can go directly to the SJACC website and apply.

Sweet Rosa is one of more than 400 cats housed at the San Jose Shelter. She – like many other cats there – needs to find her forever family. She is about two years old, spayed and a Domestic Shorthair.

Given the shelter’s at-capacity state, it’s important to share some resources for rehoming.  While it’s essential to meet a potential pet and evaluate your long-term fit for pet ownership, we know that some circumstances change. Here is information on the SVPP website that addresses rehoming and rehoming tools.

Shelters went from being emptied at the height of the pandemic with stuck-at-home families seeking companionship and company to being at- or over-capacity now, with animals being returned in droves.  We owe it to help these animals and the shelters who are trying to protect them while they seek the second and third chances they deserve. 

Karen Zamel is a long-time SVPP volunteer and a member of the communications team.